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Route Bank 2

Route Bank

Given Royston’s location, it is extremely difficult to avoid main roads unless rides only leave via Barkway Road or Therfield.
Routes along the A10(north of Royston) and A1198 have to be used and care should be taken on these busy roads.
Some routes have to cross busy roads and notes on these can be found alongside the route.
All routes avoid riding along dual-carriageways and try to limit time spent on the A505 and A10 (south of Royston).

If need be, scroll within the table to see links to Ride With GPS and Strava at right of screen

A visual, clickable overview of the main ‘S’ rides can be found through  >>> this link

IDHeadingBack fromDist.GainPairedRouteRidewGPSStrava
T1AshwellS23.6 (38)321mS9Bassingbourn / Steeple Morden / SandonT1-24T1-24
T2WrestlingworthNW24.8 (40)209mS6Bassingbourn / Wendy / LitlingtonT2-25T2-25
T3HaslingfieldN22.6 (36)235mS14/T5Melbourn / Newton / KneesworthT3-23T3-23
T5FowlmereN22.1 (36)175mT3Bassingbourn/Barrington/Foxton-T5-22
T6ThriplowNE25.0 (40)212mT14Melbourn/Foxton/Orwell-T6-25
S1MeesdenS25.8 (42)494mS8Great Chishill / Nuthampstead / TherfieldS1-26S1=26
S2HinxworthNW29.5 (47)298mS16Ashwell / Guilden Morden / BassingbournS2-30S2-30
S3WhittlesfordE30.4 (49)479mM1Kneesworth / Chapel Hill / HeydonS3-30S3-30
S4AshwellNW32.2 (52)455mBarkway / Sandon / Guilden MordenS4-32S4-32
S5LongstoweN34.7 (56)389mM2Chapel Hill / Great Eversden / BassingbournS5-35S5-35
S6GamlingayNW31.2 (50)353mS12/T2Bassingbourn / Croydon Hill / LitlingtonS6-31S6-31
S7WestonS34.7 (56)541mS15Bassingbourn / Baldock / SandonS7-35S7-35
S8MeesdenS30.8 (50)577mS1/M3Elmdon / Nuthampstead / TherfieldS8-31S8-31
S9AshwellSW32.4 (52)396mT1Shingay / Hinxworth / SandonS9-32S9-32
S10ClaveringE30.0 (48)628mM4Therfield / Great Hormead / Great ChishallS10-30S10-30
S11PuckeridgeS33.9 (55)574mM5Sandon / Cromer / Hare StreetS11-34S11-34
S12GamlingayNW34.4 (55)348mS6/M6Arrington / Croydon Hill / LitlingtonS12-34S12-34
S13GrantchesterN33.9 (55)304mM8/S14Melbourn / Great Shelford / KneesworthS13-34S13-34
S14GrantchesterN30.0 (48)279mS13/T3Melbourn / Great Shelford / KneesworthS14-30S14-30
S15WallingtonS30.3 (49)413mS7Shingay / Ashwell / Baldock / TherfieldS15-30S15-30
S16HinxworthNW33.6 (54)340mS2Ashwell / Guilden Morden / BassingbournS16-34S16-34
S17Great ShelfordNE31.8 (51)518mGreat Chishill/Ickleton/Fowlmere-S17-32
S18DuxfordNE34 (54)458mOrwell / Duxford / Gt ChishillS18-34S18-34
M1WhittlesfordE35.8 (58)510mS3Kneesworth / Chapel Hill / HeydonM1-36M1-36
M2LongstoweN41.0 (66)476mS5Haslingfield / Comberton / BassingbournM2-41M2-41
M3ArkesdenS35.5 (57)642mS8Elmdon / Nuthampstead / TherfieldM3-36M3-36
M4ClaveringE35.4 (57)653mS10Therfield / Furneux Pelham / ElmdonM4-35M4-35
M5PuckeridgeS37.9 (61)626mS11Sandon / Cromer / Hare StreetM5-38M5-38
M6GamlingayNW37.7 (61)382mS12Shepreth / Croydon Hill / LitlingtonM6-38M6-38
M7GrantchesterN41.0 (66)479mM8Barley / Great Shelford / KneesworthM7-41M7-41
M8GrantchesterN37.0 (60)349mM7/S13Melbourn / Great Shelford / KneesworthM8-37M8-37
M9HinxworthNW36.2 (58)351mS16Ashwell / Tadlow / BassingbournM9-36M9-36
M10SandyNW38 (61)403mS12Arrington / Gamlingay / Sandy / Potton-M10-38
M11AshwellW35 (56)506-Melbourn/Whaddon/Ashwell/Baldock/Barkway -M11-35
M12Saffron WaldenE36.5 (58)713-Therfield/Gt Chishill/Saffron Walden/Elmdon/Gt Chishill/-M12-36
L1Papworth EverardNW52.9 (85)531mChapel Hill / Hardwick / PottonL1-53a>L1-53
C1Grafham WaterN73.6 (118)804mAshwell / Great Barford / GraveleyC1-74C1-74
C2Blue EggE59.0 (95)1028mNewport / Great Bardfield / ClaveringC2-59C2-59
C3Emily's Tea Room S62.5 (101)899mAshwell / Shefford / WalkernC3-63C3-63
C4King's LynnS69.8 (112)521mGreat Eversden / Dry Drayton / ElyC4-70C4-70
C5The StoveNW47.4 (76)467mBassingbourn / Gamlingay / MeldrethC5-47C5-47
C6HopleysSE47.4 (76)823mBuntingford / Much Hadham / ArkesdenC6-47C6-47
C7Danish CampW53.6 (86)549mPotton / Cople / AshwellC7-54C7-54
C8BiciclettaSE53.5 (86)907mGreat Hormead / Saffron Walden / AnsteyC8-54C8-54
C9Tom's CakesN56.5 (91)492mComberton / Fenstanton / LongstoweC9-57C9-57
C10Jordans MillNW57.6 (93)691mBassingbourn / Tempsford / AshwellC10-58C10-58
C11ShuttleworthNW58.0 (93)703mBassingbourn / Tempsford / AshwellC11-58C11-58
C12Clavering LakesNE42.3 (68)601mSandon / Clavering / SheprethC12-42C12-42

Café stops

Here are some regular café stops used by other clubs:

Cambridge CTC

Cambridge Cycling Club

Hitchin Nomads

((We’re starting to build our own list here)

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